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Cascade Village Resort Reservation

Purgatory Resort – Not Just for Locals, Anymore!

For many years, Durango Mountain Resort was formally known as “Purgatory” and the two names have melded together in the minds of many long-time visiting and local skiers as, “Purgatory Resort.”   Maybe this is because the mountain still maintains the small town atmosphere and fantastic Colorado mountain views as it grows and modernizes its amenities.  Using the name Purgatory Resort is a great way to bring the old familiar feeling together with the modern side of which Cascade Village serves as some of the most luxurious lodging in Colorado.  With Purgatory Creek as the constant reminder of the ski area’s origin, you can’t mistake the natural paradise just 26 miles north of historic downtown Durango that was transformed in 1965.  Regardless or where you are from, Purgatory will always be the name everyone refers to when they head down the road for fresh powder!

A Resort that is Anything But Purgatory!

The word Purgatory suggests dark clouds, gloomy and desperate times.  Not at Cascade Village! The ski area offers 85 trails that make up a part of 4 terrain parks called the Paradise Freestyle Arena, Pitchfork Terrain Garden, Divine Comedy and Angel’s Tread. The Pitchfork area at the Purgatory resort is where everyone can get together and show off their tricks with all levels welcome.  If you want to meet your fellow experienced terrain park fans, you can take pictures of one another flying off an 8 foot canon rail, 20 foot flat box or a 10 foot jump.  No matter what you choose, expect to use your sunglasses as you glide all day in the bright Colorado sunshine or dodge fat snowflakes in feet of new powder.

The Resort at Purgatory and Cascade Village

All you need to decide is where to stay!  At Cascade Village, you can have luxury accommodations that are anything but rudimentary for a reasonable rate.  Your family vacations probably don’t come often enough and making the most out of your precious time off is key.  So don’t settle for so-so accommodations, research our photo gallery and give us a call at Cascade Village for the most up to date Purgatory resort information, transportation options, our sister downtown Durango lodging options, Durango restaurant recommendations and more! With an annual snowfall of 260 inches per year and a vertical drop of 2, 029 feet, according to Wikipedia stats, you can narrow your Colorado Vacation destination to the long time favorite Cascade Village lodging at Purgatory in Durango, Colorado.

Purgatory Resort Lodging